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Combining Subaru's external image with compact crossover performance made the Forester SUV a success. Subaru has upgraded the 2022 Forester SUV with front-facing blocker-like headlights, a reusable grille, and a new tire design. The Wilderness trim joins the program and, like Outback Wilderness, adds additional ground approvals and a fantastic look package.
Inside, Forester benefits from a new optional touch control option for the climate control system and a panoramic sunroof as standard equipment for everything except the color base. The EyeSight suite of driver-assisted features advanced camera sensors. Subaru claims to expand the system's viewing system, expand its performance, and introduce a new Automatic Emergency Steering system in this mix.
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The Forester room is straightforward, frill-free, with a good driving environment and excellent outdoor visibility. Our interior of the Touring model was neatly finished with caramel-colored leather on the seats, door panels, and dash. The color-coded plastic color throughout the room looked and sounded high, too, while the glossy black plastic in the middle stack and the chromed and matte-metallic planks blended well. The back seat has plenty of open space (no third-row option), and even adults should find a bench seat a great place to walk on the street. It is the equivalent of 11 suitcases that we carry in the back seat and 23 straps on the back seats. This is more than just how a CX-5 or RAV4 can fit, but the CR-V has released 25 carbus, and its rear seats are fitted.



All Forester models are powered by the same 2.5-liter flat-cylinder engine that produces 182 horsepower and can pull 1500 pounds. Continuous automatic transmission (CVT) transfers engine power to Subaru's all-wheel-drive sales system. In our test track, our 2019 Forester Touring test car required 8.5 seconds to reach 60 mph - not just exciting performance, but it will meet the needs of most consumers.
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